Work in Australia

Based on the changing demands, career opportunities vary greatly across Australia. Over the last few years, small and medium sized businesses have flourished as more students and tourists visit the country. The increased demand for services has led to the creation of many new jobs. Some of the main industries offering employment opportunities throughout Australia today are Constructions, Tourism, Services and the Food industry.

With the increased demand for services and employment opportunities comes the need for professionals showcasing sound work ethics, professionalism and quality work. Companies strive to find better ways of serving their consumers and this raises the bar for the workforce.

Working in Australia can be a very rewarding experience and at Stay Global we are committed to helping you throughout the process. Given below are a few steps that will help you with your employment search and will ensure you are prepared for your first job in Australia

  1. Resume
  2. Cover letter
  3. Acquiring your Tax File Number
  4. Opening a Bank Account
  5. Short Courses and trainings


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