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Why do I have to do this type of training courses?

If you want to work in a particular industry, then you will certainly need to have skills associated with the particular industry, and also to understand the relevant Australian legislation.
Various qualifications are pre requisites for working in pubs, bars, clubs, gaming venues, traffic management, forklift operation, construction sites and others. We can provided you all the assistance you may need to book these courses and get ready for a job opportunity.

What are the most popular jobs ?

Hospitality industry – Students often find jobs as a waiter which would also receive tips. If you wish to apply for a job in this industry, your previous experiences will certainly be extremely useful. To work in hospitality you need to attend a few training courses (see table on this page).
Cleaning industry – Students often find their initial job in this Industry as English proficiency is generally not so essential. Working a a cleaner can be ideal for students that have recently arrived in Australia.

Stay Global can assist you to get the right training programs, please contact us for further information

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)
The RSA certificate is required for those who want to work as bartenders serving liquor.

Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG)
The RCG certificate is provided after a one day training course. The certificate is required for working in casinos or establishments with gambling machines.

Pub Skills
This one day course provides you all the skills you need to work in a pub or a bar. It teaches skills such as credit card and cash transactions, pouring drinks, making mixed drinks, cocktails, using Point of Sale systems and dealing with difficult customers.

Barista Skills
This one day course helps you master the “art of coffee” based on the demanding needs of customers today.

Green Card
This one day course provides you a certificate that will allow you to work on building sites.

RTA Approved Traffic Control
This course can be done after the completion of the “Green Card” and it will train you on effective traffic control techniques.

Senior First Aid
This course provides you knowledge about First Aid, CPR- Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, D.R.A.B.C Action Plan, treating possible accidents and Casualty Assessments.

This course teaches you about cleaning and sanitation, hygiene laws, regulations, environment and personal hygiene and much more.
Food handling courses, customer service courses and other industry specific certifications are available throughout the year.


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