Student Visa

The Student Visa

Counseling and course selection

The first step to study, live and work in Australia is to contact the Stay Global team. We will then advise you in choosing the most appropriate options to meet your study needs and career goals.

Request Course Registration

Select the course you wish to follow, and the team Global Stay submit your application to the competent institution.

Response of the school or university

The institution will send you a provisional letter of acceptance.

Pay your tuition

Pay your tuition fees and insurance costs.

Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)

After payment, the institution will send your official enrollment confirmation (WCC) you.

Student visa

After paying your tuition to obtain your student visa, then we'll help you apply for your visa.

Acceptance of student visa

Get your Australian student visa.

Flight Ticket

Buy your ticket to Australia.

Arrival in Australia

What is Student Visa?

The student visa is the only Australian visa that allows an international student to study a course for a minimum of 3 months and at the same time can work a part time job. This is recommended for those who want to study and the same time work in a small casual or part time job. The visa holder will be allowed to work up to 40 hours per fortnight during the study period and unlimited time during the holiday

Prior to your application of Student Visa

Australia is a fantastic location to learn and study. It offers high quality programs and training courses, a wonderful lifestyle and an inviting atmosphere for international students. As soon as you have actually been accepted into your Australian training course, the next step is to arrange your student visa. Before you secure an Australian training course you should contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection or your nearest Australian visa office to find out whether you will be eligible for a student visa, ways to make your application and exactly what files are needed.

General and evidentiary student visa requirements

There are numerous general and evidentiary demands that international students must fulfil in order to be qualified for a student visa. These include requirements relating to wit:
  • your health and wellness.
  • your character.
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OHSC)
  • being free of financial obligations to the Commonwealth.
  • custodianship, holiday accommodation and general welfare plans for students under 18 years old.
  • your ability to cover the cost of airlines tickets, training course tuition fees and living cost for you and your member of the family throughout of your stay in Australia (the minimum living expense is AUD$ 23,000 per annual approximately)
  • your academic record, certifications and credentials completed.
  • your English language proficiency.
  • proving that you are a genuine short-term candidate.

Applying for a student visa.

You will certainly require a student visa for the whole time duration that you study in Australia. Student visas are divided into subclasses depending upon sort of study where you have actually signed up. You manage to get your student visa using either a letter of offer or a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from your education provider, yet you generally have to supply proof of your CoE before your student visa is granted. Some students manage to finish a Student Visa Online Application via the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website, while others need to apply by post or in person at their designated Australian visa office. The application procedure differs depending upon your assessment level, which will certainly be just one of 3 levels depending upon your country of origin and the sort of study you plan to undertake (from English language programs and training courses and secondary school with postgraduate research study levels). The higher the assessment level (with Level 1 being the lowest and Level 3 being the highest), the greater the amount of proof an applicant is needed to show in order to support their student visa application. You could check your assessment level at the Student Visa Assessment Levels web page on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website. Student visa candidates who lodge their applications with a CoE from a participating university or college for a bachelor degree, master’s degree, postgraduate degree, student exchange program or study abroad program are eligible for streamlined visa processing. These candidates do not get an assessment level and are processed in a streamlined manner with decreased evidentiary requirements regardless of their country of origin. To find out more, see the Streamlined Student Visa Processing section of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website. In many cases, members of your family (a partner or a dependent child) could apply for a student visa to live with you in Australia while you study.

Charges and Fees

A non-refundable visa application cost of AUD$ 535 applies to most student visa applications. Candidates that are bringing eligible member of the family to live with them in Australia while they study will have to keep in mind that an added applicant charge applies for each family member included in a combined visa application. This fee is included in the base application charge and differs according to the age of the added applicant. On top of that, there might be other expenses associated with your visa application, such as expenses for medical exams, police checks and the translation of documents into English (if needed). To find out more, see the Fees and Charges section of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website. You may contact us for advice and help with visa application.


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